Thursday, December 28, 2006

Grass Roots Marketing Really Works?

When people write on their blogs, who knows if the person really knows what they are talking about or are just pulling ideas out of thin air. Interesting article from Monday’s NY Times entitled, "Online Chat Is a Grapevine That Yields Precious Fruit." It noted, "Word-of-mouth advertising — sharing information with friends, relatives and colleagues to propagate interest in a company or product — has been around for decades, but with the advent of the Internet, it has taken on new life. Companies like MD Moms are using online message boards and chats to get the word out for little or no cash investment. Web logs, e-mail newsletters and chat rooms have also become vehicles for promotion."

This is exactly what I have been saying since I started writing this blog. More sports teams need to grasp the word-of-mouth concept to generate more interest in their teams. It can’t be hard to have a couple of interns or kids just out of college handle all the buzz marketing activation programs. Cheap labor that can generate positive, long-term benefits.


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