Thursday, December 21, 2006

Announcing Super Bowl Ad Lineup

The NY Post ran a story yesterday announcing some of the companies who purchased ads during the Super Bowl. Buying ads during the game can be so hit or miss. Companies like, from back in the day,, Careerbuilder, Budweiser and even Nike years ago have gained tons a free press from their amazing ads that resonated with fans watching the game. It was the discussion around "the water cooler" for days after they appeared. Then, on the other side of the coin, you have companies like ESPN and their cell phone last year who purchase commercial time and really do not gain a reaction from their target audience.

Over the last few years, the ads during the Super Bowl have definitely been lacking. I am always excited to see which marketing slogan will make its way into the general mainstream after it appears during the game.

This year, according to the article, "Motorola, Gillette, Aleve and Taco Bell" will not be purchasing ads, while Ford is still deciding. I understand why Taco Bell is not running ads, but the rest of these companies definitely need to generate more exposure.

One thing I have also disagreed with is how the NFL, General Motor's Chevrolet and Frito Lay's Doritos brand are letting fans create ads. I really, really hope they are a success, because I would not want to be the marketing manager who has to explain why they spent $2.6 million on a useless commercial.


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