Thursday, December 21, 2006

Wendy’s Receives the Star of the Day on the following link to the NY Times article to read an "out of the box" idea from Wendy’s. This is either going to change how commercials are created in the future or will fall faster than J.D Drew’s popularity once he starts playing in Boston. Why or why are they still trying to negotiate a deal?

Usually I am totally against fast food restaurants – I knew I should never have read "Fast Food Nation," but I am excited to see if how sports fans react to them.

According to the piece:

"SPORTS commentators will not be the only ones remarking on Sunday's National Football League games. Animated raccoons will also give instant feedback in advertisements for Wendy's International that will be shown at the start of commercial breaks.

If the score is 0-0, an ad might start with a Wendy's raccoon standing in front of an overturned trash can, saying, 'I may be nocturnal, but this game is putting me to sleep.' … With three sections of the commercial inserted on the fly, viewers could see up to 11 versions of the ad. All will include a voice-over saying, 'Why eat junk at night when you can go to Wendy’s?'"

I will definitely be watching out for these ads this weekend and will write a follow up grading them next week.


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