Thursday, November 16, 2006

Who Is Counseling Harold Reynolds?

Harold Reynolds needs a new lawyer or at least a common sense manager. Earlier this month, it was reported that he was taking ESPN to court for lost wagers. Good PR move – not! Um…yeah…that’s like deciding to take Microsoft to court. Do you really want to go up against a 500-pound gorilla?

According to an AP article, "Reynolds is seeking the money owed to him under the remainder of his contract, including interest and lost earnings. He is also asking the court for damages for lost future opportunities."

Here are the facts:

* Everyone who I have spoken with who has met or worked with Reynolds says he is a great guy. They were surprised and shocked at the allegations.

* He is a well-respected commentator who could find work with another outlet.

* ESPN has had a long history of sexual harassment issues at the station. Numerous employees have been suspended or fired in the past. Don’t you think, you might be extra careful if you worked there?

* ESPN is taking the high road through all of this and have not thrown him under a bus.

Why doesn’t Harold take the year off, make money at appearances or work with his charity and come back strong in 2008? I just don’t think you should go poking ESPN to make them respond. Someone should tell him to lay low for a year. People in America get second chances, unless we don’t know the whole picture, I’d expect someone would sign him in a heartbeat in the future.


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