Thursday, November 16, 2006

Great PR Move by the Red Sox

You have got to hand it to the Red Sox PR team. Steinberg, Geffner and the rest of the crew are back on the ball -- finally. Did you see the interesting news that slipped past the fans today:

"The Red Sox confirmed today that the prices of premium seats will rise in 2007. All non-premium tickets, which represent over 80 percent of the Fenway Park seating, will stay the same in 2007. Only the premium ticket prices in the following locations will rise in 2007: private suites, dugout seats, EMC Club, State Street Pavilion Club, and field boxes ... The range of increase is three to five percent in most areas and $10.00 on field boxes."

Now the Red Sox have the most expensive tickets in all of baseball and some of the most expensive (average) in all of sports. With the fans and media on cloud nine about the possible signing of Matsuzaka, no one would make a stink about the raise in ticket prices.

The Red Sox are generating front-page news during the height of football season and the Pats still lead their division. This is one of the smartest PR moves this organization has made in awhile. I tip my cap to them.


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