Saturday, November 11, 2006

CT and Sports Marketing firms?

Recently, I have noticed a rise in marketing firms in Connecticut. These firms work with consumer businesses that "play" in the sports world. Maybe they all decided to move from NYC due to high costs of running a business in the city. In Connecticut we have -- Velocity Sports & Entertainment, Norwalk, CT, Millsport, Stamford, CT, Octagon, Norwalk, CT and Stage Active Brand Marketing, Wilton, CT.

Recently Stage Active has been making some noise for New Balance with events that are targeted towards children. I wrote last week about NB’s relationship with Sesame Street. According to yesterday's Promo Magazine, "Stage-Active Brand Marketing, Wilton, CT, launched a 15-market tour with retailer JCPenney that brought to parks to life inside Simon malls. New Balance launched an eight-week tour, which ended in September, to boost its kids shoe line.

The agency staged a park-like setting outside JCPenney stores in malls, complete with blue skies, green grass, white picket fences and the sights and smells of a park. The effort was to boost New Balance's outdoors and physical fitness theme. Stage activated the senses with the aroma of fresh meadows and fresh cut grass and piped in sounds of singing birds and children playing."

If a company is going to spend money to generate exposure for their brand, then I agree with creating an "experience" for customers versus advertisements. Everyone is saturated with more advertisements than they can handle. Creating specialized events is a effective way to reach kids or adults.

I will definitely be keeping my eye on this marketing firm to see what other events they develop.


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