Thursday, November 09, 2006

Google Video to Offer NHL Games

I know I discussed this news earlier in the week, but I wanted to add a link. From Friday, Nov. 3 edition of MediaPost:

"THE NATIONAL HOCKEY LEAGUE'S DIGITAL arm has agreed to provide videos of full-length games to Google Video. The current season's games as well as a selection of old games will be available at: The deal includes current season games as well as a selection of prior seasons' games. In addition, the NHL and Google are working together to add user-generated content to the site."

This is a GREAT, GREAT idea for the League. I am psyched to see they finally got this off the ground. The NHL can add new sponsors since sponsors will have an opportunity to reach fans on the Internet. They can create highlight reels and other content for the site. They might be able to work with Google to have a company sponsor the main page.

From a sport that is struggling to make inroads with the general sports fan, this is a smart way to divert eyeballs of Internet viewers to the NHL.


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