Tuesday, November 14, 2006

MLS Cup and the New England Revolution

Did you know the New England Revolution competed in the MLS Cup on Sunday? The next question for some of you is, do you care? Being a sports enthusiast, I was shocked to learn for the FIRST TIME on Sunday morning that the game was being played that afternoon. I understand MLS soccer may not become a mainstream sport, but shouldn’t the team have done a better job promoting it in Massachusetts? If any of the "Big Four" teams were playing in the finals, it would be front-page news for days and the lead story on every newscast. While the Revolution lost again on Sunday, they have done surprisingly well in recent years. According to the Boston Globe:

"The Revolution became the first team to lose MLS Cups in succession when they fell to the Houston Dynamo on penalty kicks, 4-3, Sunday. They have equaled Los Angeles's record of three MLS Cup defeats overall, the Galaxy having reached three of the first six finals before winning in 2002."

I understand the Pats were playing at home on Sunday, but the team or the league in general should have spent some money to promote the event. Here’s how:

· Take out full-page ads in the Globe, Herald, Lowell Sun and Worcester Telegraph promoting the game.
· Buy ad time on WEEI and negotiate a deal where the radio hosts have to spend some time talking about the game.
· Hound the local media to get them to cover the event, interview the coach – anything to generate some coverage.
· Last, MLS should have rented out some bars or restaurants where people could have gone to watch the game. Maybe certain restaurants in Boston showed the game, but I didn’t hear anything.

New England fans will back a winner, even if its soccer, but the team and the league need to do a better job promoting it to the general sports fan.


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