Wednesday, November 22, 2006

No NFL on Turkey Day

Considering the NFL supposedly has the "number one sports slot" with television viewers, I am surprised we have not seen additional national coverage on battle between the NFL and cable operators. A significant amount of NFL fans will not be able to see the games on Thursday. Sponsors cannot be happy with this arrangement.

In an article titled, "Dressler: No NFL Network Deal by Turkey Day," it noted:

"Time Warner Cable subscribers can forget about watching NFL Network’s Denver Broncos-Kansas City Chiefs National Football League game with Thanksgiving dessert, according to the MSO’s executive vice president of programming, Fred Dressler

Operators such as Time Warner, Cablevision Systems and Charter Communications -- which do not have deals with NFL Network -- would have to ante up 70 cents per subscriber and distribute the service on expanded-basic tiers in order to get the games.

Now, one would have to assume, that the NFL is not pushing the media to write about the story. Something just does not make sense. From what I have read, executives would rather people purchase Direct TV which will help the teams more financially in the future.

There is definitely some backroom dealing going on since this issue has stayed pretty quiet.


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