Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Manny Is As Good as Gone

Have you noticed the two recent articles in the Boston Globe and Boston Herald on Manny Ramirez? It is extremely interesting that competing papers would both write the same type of column that it's time for Manny to move on.

Boston Globe:

Boston Herald:

Reading between the lines:

· It's extremely rare for two well-known sports columnists to write the same type of story a day apart.

· The Red Sox want to prepare Red Sox Nation for the fact that Manny might be traded soon.

· Someone on the Red Sox tipped off the media and asked them to write this story. My guest is Dr. Charles Steinberg called in a favor, but I could be wrong.

· In the past, when popular player has been on his way out, the media always writes the stories about why the team is better without the player. It happened with Clemens, Nomar, Pedro, D-Lowe, you name it. The Red Sox worked with the Globe, their owners, and the Herald to create pre-emptive damage control before Manny is traded.

Keep your eyes open, but I after reading these two articles, I would be shocked if Manny is with the team through the end of 2006.


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