Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Nike's Soccer Goal: World Domination By 2010

According to a Media Post article from Monday, "Nike is setting its sights on the world soccer scene, vowing 'global football dominance by 2010.' The company tapped Joaquin Hidalgo, who will continue as vice president of global marketing, to oversee its integrated growth strategy for football. 'Our goal is simple: to be unquestionably the No. 1 brand in the world's No. 1 sport,' the company said." it really surprising Nike is concentrating its marketing efforts to secure a larger share of "soccer apparel spending?" Nike created its online soccer community during the World Cup and the site drew millions of fans. Thankfully, their common sense manager thought it might be a smart idea to spend more money with the sport.

Nike has cornered the market in basketball and has a strong presence in baseball and the college sports. While this may sound "out there", I believe Under Armor is going to make strong gains around football moving forward

At this time Adidas is the number one soccer brand. They do not have a huge market share in the U.S., but who cares if they have the number one spot in the number one sport. Adidas better be concerned when the 500-pound gorilla, a.k.a. Nike, starts making headway with soccer fans.


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