Friday, October 27, 2006

Garden's New Jumbotron

Holy Crap...while the Celtics and Bruins may win 60 games total this season, make sure to attend a game this year to check out the new jumbotron. I attended an event at the Garden this morning and was blown away. The management also updated the sound system so it doesn't sound like Charlie Brown's teacher is making an announcement if the base is too loud.

This morning, Charlie Jacobs, the president of the Bruins, stated he has heard from numerous fans that historically, the team has had a team salary large enough to field a competitive team, but never one good enough to win the championship. This is what I have always heard. Jacobs completely disagrees with this notion. The problem for Jacobs though, is perception is reality with a lot of Bruins fans. The hard-core fans are not going to come back until they see the team winning again and truly believe the management is putting a competitive team on the field. If I was in the marketing department, I would try to use the belief that the Bruins don't field a team to win the championship in some sort of marketing plan. Understandably, one would need to change the message that the Bruins want to win and don't believe in this notion. The fans could relate to this since this is the perception in New England.

If you go to a game this season, the product may be awful, but at least you can enjoy other items at the arena.


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