Monday, November 06, 2006

NHL Names Marketing Head

According to Promo Magazine, the NHL has FINALLY named a new marketing director. One would think, with the NHL trying to gain new sponsors and fans, that this would be high on the list of items to address.

The article reported, "The National Hockey League has named John Collins as executive-VP, corporate sales and marketing. Collins will lead the NHL's corporate sales efforts in the U.S, focusing on development of new revenue opportunities, partner management and sales coordination with League network partners. Collins also will oversee all aspects of the NHL's marketing plan development and implementation, the NHL said."

The NHL has not been generating a lot of interest within the sports-media arena. There are the loyal hockey fans that will follow their teams until the bitter end, but how much does the general sports fan care about the game? These general fans are the ones who the NHL needs to go after. The NHL needs to work with its partners to develop innovative marketing plans to draw fans to games.

Locally, the Bruins are taking advantage using social media to draw interest to the team. Now the Bruins need to start winning. The NHL needs to be at the forefront of social media. It might be the only way to "break away from the clutter" in the sports world.


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