Saturday, October 14, 2006

Bruins and Celtics Mobile Touring Experience?

For the last decade, the Boston Bruins and the Boston Celtics have been sitting back and reminding fans about their glory days and assuming fans will attend games. This may an exaggeration, but seriously, how much innovate marketing ideas have you seen from these two teams?

Since New England is such a sports-centric region, most teams do not need to do a lot of marketing to attract fans, as long as they as winning. That has not been the case for the Bruins and the Celtics over the last few years. What have they done to generate interest with the fans throughout New England?

Sports teams in other parts of the country develop innovative ways to draw fans to the stadium. One thing teams do is to plan a mobile tour around a region that follows the team. Teams will bring selected players, a mascot and cheerleaders to hold events to create more interest. Why haven’t the Bruins and the Celtics done this? They may have, but it sure has not been promoted to the local media.

After the Red Sox and Patriots won the World Series and Super Bowl, respectively, they held events in VT, NH, Maine, CT and RI to thank the fans for their support. This is a great PR/marketing move for the teams. The events are easy to plan, cost-effective and the local fans will remember this event for a while.

As the Bruins and the Celtics continue to drive traffic to the Garden, they should have thought about planning mobile tour events throughout New England during the summer. Who really knows all the new players on the Bruins? Unless you are a passionate basketball fan, do you know all the new faces with the Celtics?

Think about it? How easy would it be to hold an event in Portland, ME, Concord or Manchester, NH, Burlington, VT and in Providence to reach out to the peripheral sports fans that know about the teams' rich histories, but maybe don’t follow the teams as much as they did in the past.

The Celtics and the Bruins must break away from the old-fashion marketing activities to create interest with fans today.


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