Sunday, August 27, 2006

Smart Sports Marketing Agenda

The Calgary Sun recently reported, “Cold-fX maker CV Technologies Inc. is expanding its presence in the hockey world after signing a multi-year partnership with the National Hockey League and its players' association.“ According to the story, CV Technologies plans to launch its products into the U.S. this fall.

I am always impressed when companies think outside the box to find innovative ways to promote their brands. In the coming years, more and more companies are going to move to sponsoring events to generate exposure for their brand. People are saturated with ads in print, broadcast and even the Internet. Companies need to find ways to break away from the clutter.

Some thoughts about this deal:

I want to find out how the NHL client-side sponsorship team was able to finalize this deal. Did CV Technologies seek out the NHL or was it the other way around? I doubt the NHL or any league has a lot of interest to own the cold remedy category for their sport. But then again, cold medicine for the sport that is played outside -- as the gentlemen in the Guinness commercials say -- brilliant!

While the NHL is having a challenge increasing its viewer ship on television, the league attendance was almost at an all-time high last year. Diehard NHL fans are almost as passionate as NASCAR fans and I would not be surprised if they try CV Technologies cold remedies since they sponsor the League.

The story added that “Cold-fX will sponsor a monthly NHL player award and have exclusive marketing rights for major events such as the Stanley Cup playoffs, the all-star game, the entry draft and the NHL awards show.”

By marketing at these events, I assume CV will have the opportunities to invite U.S. clients to these big games. This is a great way to help convince companies to purchase their flu remedy. Hopefully, they will host events and bring in former hockey greats that these clients or the company’s sales reps can meet. I know from experience that these types of events can be beneficial in enhancing a sales-type relationship.

Sports sponsorships can really help to raise the profile of a company. We have seen business use sports sponsorships as a springboard to generate exposure for their brand and I think this is a smart move for CV Technologies.


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