Thursday, August 24, 2006

What is Shaughnessy Thinking?

I have a call into one of my sources to find out what the deal was with Shaughnessy’s column in today’s Globe titled, “Some advice: Don't look now.” I almost fell out of my chair after I read the piece. This is the same reporter who ripped the team a week ago and now asks fans to be patient. He has NEVER written a positive Sox puff piece like this. Excerpts include:

“Some might look at all of the above and have negative thoughts. Not me. I have seen the light. I am buying the plan. This isn't about this year. Never was. The Sox are planning on being great in 2007 and even better in 2008.”

“Cynics might wonder about the rest of this year. Nattering nabobs might take issue with the top prices in baseball when it's all about the future. Cheapos might ask the Sox to scale back prices since we're no longer worried about '06. Not me. I have seen Baseball Future and its name is Boston Red Sox.”

I believe Lucchino or Steinberg called in a favor. The Sox had lost six straight and Theo was getting killed in the media and on WEEI. Hmm…I wonder who may have started the rolling thunder campaign against Theo with a column last week?

We all know Shaughnessy was a reporter in Baltimore when Lucchino and Steinberg were with the Orioles. The NYT, owners of the Globe, have a 17 percent stake in the team. Positive coverage is beneficial, but this article raises questions that something is going on behind the scenes.


At 12:50 PM, Blogger Bob said...

Bottom line is, he clearly flip-flops his opinion depending on which way the sociopolitical breeze is blowing. Credibility: zero.


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