Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sponsoring the Monster Seats

According to FOX 25 news this morning, it sounded like the Red Sox are seeking sponsors for the monster seat area. This is an AMAZING marketing opportunity for any local or national company. I believe this sponsorship opportunity has more ROI than John Hancock’s signage above the scoreboard. If I worked at John Hancock, I would try to find a way to get out of the scoreboard sponsorship package and move to sponsoring the monster seats.

I am almost giddy (I expect comments from using this phrase) thinking about the opportunities for a company who sponsors those seats:

* Amazing exposure: how many balls hit the green monster or are homeruns? A company will receive a fair amount of local and national coverage from 81 games a year.

* Fan exposure: 35,000 fans will have an opportunity to view the signage during every contest. It would cost millions for that amount of eyeball exposure.

* If the company’s PR team has a clue, they will be able to promote the story about the company sponsoring the seats to local and national print and television media. It is an interesting story that some reporters might cover.

* It is a strange world and some people want to be associated with companies who sponsor the Sox. The business may be able to easily generate new business due to this partnership.

* Customer and business relationship opportunities: how much extra business will the company generate if they ask a client during a meeting if they want to go to the Sox game that night and sit in the monster seats? The company can create an amazing “experience” for its staff as a reward or for potential clients.

I expect it will cost high six figures to sponsor the seats on a yearly basis. I am interested to see who takes on this impressive marketing vehicle.


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