Thursday, August 17, 2006

Where Has Theo Been?

The Boston sports media seems to believe that the end of the world is near since the Sox have been losing recently and their pitching has been lacking. The Sox did trade for Eric Hinske today and he should be a valuable addition to the team.

What is interesting about all the drama is that Theo is nowhere to be found. When was the last time he held a press conference to discuss Red Sox related issues – the day after the trade deadline.

With the philosophy changes in senior management, they understand the Red Sox are not going to be in the playoffs every year. It is smarter to strengthen the farm system for the future than gamble it away to make the playoffs every year. The media and the fans are screaming to bring in more pitching and more players, but the Sox will be satisfied to win 90 games.

The Red Sox should have some decent financial flexibility next year. Players who will be off the payroll include Wells, Loretta, Foulke (I believe), Tavarez, Seanz, Gonzalez and Nixon.

I read recently that Theo wants to emulate how Belichick gives out information to the media – as little as possible. I don’t think that will fly with the beat reporters, but it could make things extremely interesting in the years to come.


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