Sunday, January 21, 2007

NASCAR and Kelly Clarkson?

I have always been impressed with NASCAR and its marketing initiatives. The league has some of the most passionate sports fans in the world and NASCAR sponsors know the fans will purchase their products.

While NASCAR has a foothold on the South, the organization continues to make inroads with the Five Avenue Crew in NYC. From the creation of the Chase for the Cup, to the new cap of teams, it could be argued that NASCAR is now one of the “Big Four” sports along with the NFL, NBA and MLB.

NASCAR decided to copy the other sports leagues by hiring a pop star, Kelly Clarkson, to promote the sport this season.

"Under the deal, Clarkson will be featured in a TV spot and make appearances at charitable initiatives and at an NASCAR awards dinner. She will also headline an at-track concert. The partnership begins Feb. 18 when the singer headlines a musical event titled the Nextel Tribute to America on the Fox network, NASCAR said.

In addition, Clarkson will be a spokesperson and ambassador for the fourth annual NASCAR day on May 18. There, she will appear in an ad campaign promoting the event for the NASCAR Foundation. The ad will break during the Daytona 500."

Here’s my question? Will NASCAR fans accept Clarkson? Historically, most NASCAR fans listen to country music. When NHIS in Loudon holds concerts after races, it’s always with country music fans. Hopefully, this relationship with Clarkson will help the sport connect with additional fans who may follow Clarkson on a regular basis.


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