Thursday, September 14, 2006

Sports-Based YourTube

Due to the fact that my computer is as slow as Benji Molina, I have not had the opportunity to fully appreciate YourTube. I know, I know, the site is the best thing since the Red Sox finally won the World Series.

I assume the site has a sports channel, but I wonder why a company, like ESPN, CBS Sports, etc has not announced the creation of a sports-based YourTube. I would have to believe that VC and angel investors would be jumping at the chance to create this business.

What is included on the site:

· People can download sports-based home videos.
· Sports team can download games, interviews or other items.
· People can download sports-based television shows.

How does the site make money?

· Have sponsors of the different channels and allow banner advertising.
· Charge users a small fee to have the opportunity to view games from the professional leagues. The site would have negotiate agreements or create partnerships with the different leagues. I know some of the leagues might be skeptical, but this is a great way to generate exposure.
· Make sure to include non-traditional sports like Poker, skate boarding and any extreme sports.
· Create the ability to watch games live from the site – this could bring in some serious coin.
· Allow the leagues to all sell DVDs and/or apparel from their respective sport.
· Have a weekly e-mail newsletter, branded of course, that highlights different new videos that have been posted to the site.

This is a site that would draw traffic as well as sponsors and be a serious money maker over time. It will be interesting if someone could ever put it together.


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