Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Boston Celtics/Bruins FanFest

The Boston Celtics and the Bruins are always looking for ways to draw fans to the games. Why in the world don’t they ever host any type of Fanfest events outside the Garden? They could put a huge tent in the parking lot area in front of the arena. They could have games in the tent including shooting free throws, three-pointers or dunking on smaller nets. There could be old-time Celtics videos, maybe retired players could sign autographs, face painting and other activities. These events wouldn’t take place every night but maybe three or four times a year.

What would make this event beneficial are the sponsorship opportunities that would be available. A sporting goods company – Nike, Reebok, even Dick’s Sporting Good could sponsor the event and put their logo on the tent. This branding would offer tons of exposure.

Inside select companies could give out free products, while other companies might want to sponsor select activities. The could have a charity set up a table to be the "Celtics Charity of the Night."

Parents would bring their children to the event and if their experiences were positive, the kids would remember these events forever. The children might also become fans. Now the teams have a new generation of passionate followers. This type of event is an innovative way to generate exposure for the team and its sponsors.

I understand there would be a ton of logistics to set up an event of this nature, but this is something that needs to be created moving forward.


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