Wednesday, July 19, 2006

MLB's Baby Steps

Bud Selig is starting to offer some opinions about the Barry Bonds saga. Other than speaking at spring training/Opening Day, the All-Star Game and the World Series, it is rare to see the commissioner comment on an issue. From an executive platform standpoint, it is imperative that he offers comments on behalf of MLB in regards to Bonds.

Later this week we will find out if Bonds is indicted on tax evasion and perjury charges. In yesterday's USA Today article entitled, "Bonds could be suspended if he's indicted," Selig stated:

"...Commissioner Bud Selig said Monday that he has yet to make a decision on Bonds' fate. 'There is precedent for that,' Selig told USA TODAY. 'We've already looked into it.'"

"When asked whether Bonds would be suspended, Selig said, 'I'm not going to get into it, I'm just not. I'm in a sensitive spot. And frankly, sitting around and speculating on that is not fair to him.'"

While this story is extremely sensitive, the commissioner needs to take a stand. He needs to be prepare to hand down a sentence if Bonds is guilty, and be prepared to deal with any public backlash.

Selig has definitely had some highs and lows as MLB commissioner. Other than overseeing the All-Star Game that ended in a tie, Selig will always be remembered for how he handled this issue if he has to suspend a player on track to break the home run mark.

At this point, Bonds is about 30 home runs from breaking Aaron's record. If the steroid saga had never come up, papers around the country would be following Bond's pursuit on a daily basis. I believe MLB is hoping Bonds does not reach Aaron.


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