Monday, July 17, 2006

Marketing Gone Mad...

Every once in a blue moon, I will blog about something non-sports related, but that is somewhat relevant to the site. Did you see the article in today's NY Times entitled, "For CBS’s Fall Lineup, Check Inside Your Refrigerator" noted, "The network plans to announce today that it will place laser imprints of its trademark eye insignia, as well as logos for some of its shows, on eggs — 35 million of them in September and October. CBS’s copywriters are referring to the medium as 'egg-vertising,' hinting at the wordplay they have in store. Some of their planned slogans: 'CSI' ('Crack the Case on CBS'); 'The Amazing Race' ('Scramble to Win on CBS'); and 'Shark' ('Hard-Boiled Drama.'). Variations on the ad for its Monday night lineup of comedy shows include 'Shelling Out Laughs,' 'Funny Side Up' and 'Leave the Yolks to Us.'"

Maybe I a too old fashion, but seriously, this is marketing gone mad. You have to give CBS credit for creating this "out of the box" idea, but I would think this would hurt your credibility and not help it.

How many people really want to see ads on their eggs. Some people aren't going to care, but I expect it will bother others. Isn't this the network that has moved into first place with its prime time shows?

A senior executives should have killed this before it went to print. I will be amazed if this idea really gains positive traction for the station.


At 10:11 AM, Blogger Bomber said...

I saw this same article. I wonder if CBS will actually follow thru. Sort of a fake marketing campaign as a marketing ploy. Heck, they've gotten a bunch of buzz already and they havent even done it.

At 5:48 PM, Blogger Erik Mann said...

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