Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Reebok is Back on Track

Great article in today's NY Times on Reebok, the NFL and advertising during the upcoming season. The piece, titled "Football Calls, and Reebok Responds," offers some interesting tidbits:

* "Reebok will introduce a major branding campaign in September that will feature Peyton Manning, quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts; Vince Young, quarterback of the Tennessee Titans and the hero of the last Rose Bowl; Steve Smith, a wide receiver for the Carolina Panthers; Torry Halt, a wide receiver for the St. Louis Rams; DeAngelo Hall, a defensive back for the Atlanta Falcons; and Roy Williams, defensive back for the Dallas Cowboys."

* "Based on industry formulas, the company probably generated more than $700 million last year, after royalties, in revenue related to the N.F.L. arrangement."

* "Stephen Greyser, a professor specializing in sports marketing at the Harvard Business School, said Reebok should benefit from its ties to the N.F.L. 'Being the official outfitter for the N.F.L. is one of the most important marketing partnerships any apparel company can have, since the N.F.L. is the most popular league,' he said."

How much interest will Reebok receive from this advertising campaign? Are they making a big enough splash to make a dent in Nike's market share? The verdict is still out. I am excited to see that Reebok pitched this advertising campaign to NY Times, and most likely, other publications as well. If they can generate a little buzz beforehand with the media, on Myspace, other social networking sites and YourTube, it could offer Reebok strong profits in the future.


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