Sunday, September 24, 2006

Gold Star of the Day – Versus

So Versus, former OLN, may have finally figured out the cable station needs to do some serious marketing. According to a recent article in MediaDailyNews:

"Versus has done research on 21 million TV viewers who are competitive, but don't watch OLN. 'For some reason, they aren't watching us. They may watch reality shows, ESPN or local TV hockey games. But not national TV hockey games on OLN,' [Bill Bergofin] says. To get the word out, Versus will purchase spots in print, radio, local and national cable networks, as well as late-night broadcast programs that target young men. For print, Versus will be buying FHM, Sports Illustrated, Maxim, Men's Health, USA Today, and local newspapers, especially in NHL markets."

FINALLY!! We have discussed the issue about the lack of exposure for this new station. I am excited to see they have listened to someone who has a clue. The story added the station plans guerrilla marketing tactics which "will include signage at sports bars, wild postings and other marketing tactics."

Perfect, do risqué marketing tactics and out the box ideas. It is the only way the company is going to generate exposure in the future.

On the flip side, Versus’ PR department should never let Bill Bergofin, senior vice president of marketing and promotion ever speak to the media. It is one thing to use marketing speak during interviews, but this guy is over the top. See below:

Strong, prominent black and red on-air graphics will frame the network. "It's liquid black," says Bergofin. "We call it Batman-chic, a place where it doesn't rain every day."

Um…is he serious? Did "Batman-chic" get approved by PR?


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Bad Idea Jeans


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